Friday, April 28, 2006

Road of Life

On the road of life we choose which road we travel and some choose the autobahn early in life. It is a fast straight and no curves road and life tends to pass by them very quickly. Others choose a road with a few bends safe curves and not as fast although it is safe it lacks the trill of speed and excitement of taking a change. While still others take the scenic road, less traveled. It is very slow but it allows you to see the wonders life has to offer. The trill of watching the sun rise the excitement of the beauty of all that God has made.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Purple Burro

Who is to blame for the purple rain
Lets blame it on the purple burro
For he has no name
But the purple burro say’s
I am not to blame
Just because I am purple
And I have a name
Purple Burro is my name
But if it isn’t you…
Then who can we blame
What about the purple cloud
That is where the rain came from
The purple burro looked up
And all around and said
There is nothing to blame
It is just rain that happens to be
Purple like me
So I will just enjoy and accept it
Like my friends accept me
The purple burro

Thursday, April 13, 2006

For My Mother

I am who I am because of you. The lessons you taught, the love you gave. You always there to mend the cuts and bruises of life. You, always believing in me and encouraging me to travel and see new things, experience life. You, never wanting me to be anything other then who I wanted to be. I didn’t truly know how special you were until I was grown and realized that you were more then the just giver of life. Mother you never asked for anything in return for your love, only to be loved. You always enjoyed long walks with us kids running about playing. In my youth you were always smiling and kept all our bad times inside. Only after I became a father did I know how poor were. How much you did, making three meals from two. Mending clothes to make them last. But you, dear mother never complained. If we really wanted something special you always seemed to find a way to make it happen. You gave so much when there was nothing for left for you. And still you did not complain. I wish every day I could have one more day with you, to tell you how much you mean to me. To tell you that I love you. But you have gone on to be with your mother. I take comfort in knowing that one day I too will come home to you. We can walk the streets of heaven, I will hold your hand in mine one more time. See your smile one more time. That would be what heaven is. Until then, please know I love you

Forever your son

Friday, April 07, 2006

The First Time

The first time I saw your face was the first time I fell in love. Then you were gone, that was the first time I felt I had lost a most precious gift. Then we meet again and that was the first time I knew we were meant to be. Each time we were together my love was renewed. The first time I meet your daughter, it was the fist time I felt the love of a child and it was the first time I felt love only fathers know. The first time we said good bye was the first time I knew what a heart broken felt like, pain mixed with never ending love. Then as time passed the memory of meeting you again filled my thoughts. At night before I closed my eyes I prayed that they would behold you again. That my aching arms would be eased by your soft skin, that your lips would quench my never ending love for you. The first time I sent an e-mail, it was to you and all of the fear of rejection was gone when I received my first e-mail from you. For the first time in a long time love was back in my life, after many years when we meet, my heart filled with love. My soul was complete when you said I do, that was the first time I knew my dreams and prayers had come true. Now every time I wake and you are there I feel the love I felt the first time I saw your face.